Psychological Safety


Facilitators of High Performance


What are the benefits of Psychological Safety?

We train and certify leadership coaches to assess team's psychological safety and facilitate a higher level of safety. Psychological safety is the belief that you won’t be punished or humiliated for speaking up with ideas, questions, concerns, or mistakes. Teams with high psychological safety are great at learning and performing.


What is Psychological Safety?

Psychological Safety relates to a person’s perspective on how threatening or rewarding it is to take interpersonal risks at work. One might think, “Is this just a fancy way of saying trust?” Although they have a lot in common, they are not interchangeable concepts. The key difference is PS is thought to be experienced at the group level while the other relates to interactions between two individual parties (Edmondson, 2004). 

What benefits might arise when Psychological Safety exists?

Psychological Safety helps to create an environment conducive to learning. Frazier and colleagues found it was strongly linked to information sharing as well as learning behaviors. This might look like a team where members are more likely to discuss mistakes, share ideas, and ask for and receive feedback. It is not surprising that this is strongly linked to employee satisfaction.

What might help to cultivate PS?

Psychological Safety is strongly associated with role clarity and peer support. If you have a good understanding of what’s expected of you on the job and feel encouraged by your colleagues, you feel more confident speaking up. Moreover, the degree of interdependence on a team may play a role. Psychological Safety is more likely to develop in a team that have members count on each other to get a job done as compared to a team that completes tasks without help from each other. 

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